Über mich

about me

Lady Catherine, Volume 86 and I was born in a small town close to Hannover, but now I live in Berlin, where I live out my passion for rubber, leather, fetish and SM. Even teenage made me this rather curious dark side. Only I wear gothic clothes and folded my dog collars, I always found it cool when the sex animal failed while zugdrückte me one neck. This game with power and powerlessness.

Then I discovered latex for me!
Latex is like a second skin and eregt to dress this shiny horny material, it gives me a kick, especially the smell is unique. If I einträufle silicone into the suit and then in climb, until it is cool then warm, the suit and I are one entity. It can be addictive: rubber to buy, to smell and to wear. All rubber is hoarded in my bedroom, and when I walk into room because I always accommodates the heavy scent. I'm not a professional model, but I have a lot of fun to drive in the countryside with my slave to shoot together photos, for ourselves and others. My slave got the idea also because he liked photographed. Often we look for places where we can still have our fun after work. Sometimes this is not possible, then we score as fix the photos, what then almost feels like a shooting. But then you can see the house down to business

currently live my slave and I am still very cramped, but as soon as we have something bigger found I look forward to set us a real SM room. He should act Clinically, many Toys we have now, is missing only still thCe gyn.. But a sling is on the wish list. I hope that even there then incur great fetish shots which I can then present on the Website.

I'm switcher, so buyer can enjoy both: to be dominated and Submission Both can be seen on the side. Although I currently rather live out the dominant part.

I am happy to put my slave in our straitjacket of leather, and put a latex mask with breathing bag on, then I let him schmoren first before he gets then inserted a plug. Gladly do I give him then therapeutic electric shocks if he should refuse to suck on his penis exercise. Finally, it must always be in great shape. Who knows what else happened that way.

So maybe you enjoyed my little rubber world and I could, if you have not already done so, I do not think you make appetite for sex in rubber and SM. It's just different and horny - Until then,